Japan stationery route I

by Ana Ferrón on May 05, 2023

Ruta Papelerías Japón I

Stationery Route around the World with Entropy
Our path together has just begun✨
We know how hard it is not being able to travel, visit new places, try the typical food of the place and above all... Stop seeing the most special and beautiful stationery stores 😢

For this reason, we have thought that why not join and share curiosities, places that we have visited and that we recommend. We will be online travel companions and who knows... Maybe in the not too distant future we can be in real life and spend all our money on stationery and "cool" things🤭



One of the largest stationery stores in Tokyo. You have entire floors and floors full of beautiful and exclusive stationery. Well, exactly 9 floors. So that we can complain about Ikea later... I don't think we can get out of here before.
You can find various stores throughout Tokyo, but the most memorable and the one we head to is in Ginza.


What makes it special?
It is one of the oldest stationery stores, from 1940. It is located in Shinjuku and you know that pen that only existed in your head because it was too perfect and pretty? Well, here we find it fixed. They have a huge variety of markers, pens, pens... Yes, we're going to spend our money here too, but save a little bit as we still have a few stops left.


It is a chain of stores specializing in stationery, crafts and lifestyle. They are found in many locations throughout Japan.
Here too give me your hand or we'll get lost, it's packed and loaded with specialized whole plants of everything you could possibly need. You and I know we don't need anything, but to want... we want EVERYTHING.

  • LOFT

This is also a chain of shopping centers specializing in lifestyle.

Why do I bring you here? Because they have a very good selection of stationery and we can find, above all, novelties and all the collaborations. Yes, those Zebra with Pokemon collaboration are also... There's nothing more to add, I think that's enough to convince you.


Well, here I think you don't need much description. For lovers of traveler's it is essential to visit the store. In addition, you can have a coffee or whatever you want while you decorate and relax. Can you ask for more? Well, look, yes, and since it is the "factory" you will find exclusive products that are only sold in Japan. How do you read it... We can't even bring Entropy.


Do not panic! REEEEEELAX, we're done.
This is the last stop for today and it's no coincidence... We come from browsing and buying as if we had an Entropy Paperstore and we had to sell wholesale. For this reason, now I am taking you to one more "chill" site and clear our minds.
Let's see, let's not fool ourselves here we are also going to buy, but if you are one of us who likes typical, original and more "neighborhood" stores where you can find and search for a bargain, this is your place.

Well, what did you think of this first part in Japan?

As you have read in the title, this is only the first part of a complete series where every month we send and update our routes through the most original, beautiful and unique stationery stores around the world.

We have already done the complete route through Asia, now we are enjoying Europe... We still have a long way to go.

But if you want to get up to date and have our route guide with all the stationery stores, countries and cities visited, you just have to subscribe so we can send you the complete guide.

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