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by Ana Ferrón on Jun 20, 2023

Guía definitiva Hobonichi

What is Hobonichi?

Hobonichi is a Japanese brand that launched its first planner more than 20 years ago. Being a benchmark in Japanese stationery and increasingly widespread around the world.
The brand itself defines its notebooks as a lifestyle , beyond simple organization and time management.

Those who use Hobonichi know that it is more than a simple diary, it is a way to express their creativity, to escape, to get the best out of themselves in each of its pages.

In Japan they use them since they are children, they teach them to be organized and disciplined with their tasks and obligations.

You can use it as a classic diary, but the magic of this type of diary is the power of customization and creativity that its supreme quality paper pages allow you. You create a tailored agenda and style, that's why we help you decide which format is the most suitable for you.

And... You may be wondering: What makes it so special and what characterizes Hobonichi?

Well, below we summarize its qualities and virtues that make it the most demanded agenda and wanted by stationery lovers.

We could say that it is the jewel of Japanese stationery.

- Tomoe River paper . It is a very light but resistant paper. What allows you to create and squeeze your creativity to the maximum without having to be extremely heavy and difficult to carry with you in your day to day.

- Flexible binding . It has a flat binding to make it as comfortable as possible and you can work on it without having to hold the pages. Thus making the most of the space on your sheets.

- Daily phrases . Yeah! Every day you will be able to delight a phrase, proverb or annotation of the most special and original. This year we will also have the English version. Pssssssst... It's not worth reading them before reaching your day... Hold on, you can!

- Annual collection. They have fixed models and planners usually have the same structure and pattern. But the special thing is that each year they have the collaboration of artists and exclusive designs that will only be available that year.

Now comes where we get confused and don't know what to do to choose the ideal Hobonichi diary for us.

So we are going to tell you more about all the models and differentiate them.

Hobonichi Original Ceiling A6

This format is the classic one, its distribution is daily, so it consists of one day per page. Hobonichi Techo Original is the Japanese version .

Its A6 size makes it ideal to be transported and take it with you everywhere. Despite being A6, it has enough space to write down and let your imagination flow. The Hobonichi Techo A6 is one of the most used by users because it is very comfortable to wear and allows you to create, decorate and personalize without costing an arm to carry it.

Hobonichi Roof Planner A6

It is the English version of the Hobonichi Techo Original since it retains the same characteristics.

Additionally, the grid of the paper is slightly wider, going to 4 mm compared to 3.7 in the original version.

Hobonichi Day-Free Ceiling A6/A5

The biggest difference between the Techo Day-free and the Planner and Original is that the former comes undated.

Combine a monthly calendar with a graph paper notebook and the
pages are undated. A detail that makes it most special are the small illustrations in the lower corner of its pages.

They are available in two sizes, A5 and A6.

Hobonichi Roof Cousin A5

If you are one of those who needs a lot of space to write or draw, the Cousin will be your best friend. It has the largest and widest sheets, also having vertical weekly planning that the Techo A6 do not have.
The calendar and monthly planning remain the same as the A6.

Hobonichi Roof Cousin Avec

It has the same size and page design as the Cousin, although if you need to always carry it with you, this model will be much more convenient for you.
comfortable, since it is divided into two units (6 months each) thus avoiding carrying unnecessary weight in your day to day.

Hobonichi weeks

The Hobonichi Techo Weeks is the perfect ally to carry, it is designed to fit in a bag, purse, backpack... It is very slim and compact , in addition to its covers being made of a resistant material, thicker than the previous ones, which is why it is sold without a cover. But as we all know well... The special and unique thing that makes them is being able to "dress" them, so you have separate covers to choose the one that best suits you.

And as an extra, it has a 71-page notes section at the end of everything.

Hobonichi Weeks Mega

It's the same as the original Techo Weeks, but if you're one of those people who likes to write a lot, needs more space but you don't want to carry a very heavy agenda, this is your agenda.
The difference between the Mega and the Weeks (classic) is that the Mega has been created from the need to have more space, which is why its notes section is 200 pages , unlike the 71 of the previous one.

Comparison (right) Mega (left) Weeks original

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