Guide School Agendas 2023-24

by Ana Ferrón on Jun 30, 2023

Guia para escoger tu agenda escolar 2023-24

Yes... We know that the holidays have just started and talking about going back to school makes your head explode.

But let us tell you, that later you always keep the agenda that others do not want because you are late... Do not wait for September to get your agenda if you want to have in your routine one that motivates you and excites you to use it every day.

For this reason, we have thought that perhaps it would be interesting to give you a guide with the characteristics of each brand of agendas and that you get to know them a little better so that it is easier to choose and get it right yes or yes.

We notify you in advance that whatever your choice is, it will be the right one and you will not regret it.

Mark's Diaries 2023-24


Mark's diaries come from Japan and are 16 months (from September 2023 to December 2024).
Available in 3 sizes: A5, B6 and A6.
Its interior is completely the same regardless of its size cover design.

They are weekly agendas in COLUMN separated by hours. Ideal for all those who like to write down each activity in detail. It also has monthly planning and some interesting Japanese information sheets. For example: subway lines, festivities...
One of the important points of these agendas is the paper. It is a VERY GLOSSY paper and it holds inks and pens very well. But being so glossy, the ink doesn't absorb as well, so you have to let the ink dry a bit before running your hand over it, otherwise it smears.

They also have a plastic cover with a zip pocket to store papers, pens, your mobile (you can handle the mobile screen through the plastic). It also has many pockets on the inside of the case to store cards, washis, stickers...

They are very versatile diaries to always carry with you, light and flexible.

IMPO: the B6 start from OCTOBER TO DECEMBER instead of September.

Kokonote Planners 2023-24

Kokonote diaries are created in Spain and are 17 months old, from August 2023 to December 2024 (except the basic school one, which is 12 months).

At Entropía we work with 3 collections; the BIG, which is the largest, desk size for those people who need to aim a lot but don't have to carry it with them.

The Premium, which is the one with the spine in a folder, with designs by well-known authors and the brand's own models.

Finally we have the normal (basic) school one that is made of rings and is only 12 months old.

Later they will also arrive daily and some more models. Depending on the model, the interior is different and that is why we recommend that you look inside each model to see the interior in detail to see if everything just fits.

Kokonote planners are weekly with monthly planning as well. They have lots of extra planning pages and the paper is really nice too. They are not as portable due to their size and weight, but they are a very good option as a desk or office agenda.

CIAK Agendas

We are super happy because this year we have brought the Italian brand CIAK as a novelty.

Ciak diaries are ideal to carry with you so that your bag/backpack does not weigh you down as if you were carrying a brick. Its paper is sooo finite (70gr) and its binding is very flexible. So we can say that its compact and small size make it resistant and light agendas.

Also note that having such thin paper they are not suitable for depending on the inks, not to mention feathers...

They are DAILY agendas of 17 months, from August 2023 to December 2024.

We have two collections: DENIM, which is lined with denim, and EARTH, which is lined with fabric and uses recycled paper.

UO Study Agendas

The school agendas of UO Estudio is a basic in Entropy. Both its covers and interior overflow with good vibes and joy.

They are available in 3 formats: A5 Daily, A5 Weekly and MINI. All of them are from September 2023 to August 2024
We have collections, and each design is available in the 3 formats. In store there is an open exhibition for each format.

The 3 designs only have a different cover, they are the same inside, they are only different depending on the format. Although they all share a style and extra pages: pages in full color, with modern phrases, special pages such as a menstrual calendar, seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar, etc.

A5 DAILY: 1 page per day but the weekend they share a page.
A5 Weekly: week viewed with landscape configuration.
A5 MINI: was seen en bloc. Sewn binding.

Wow... We think we've given you a good summary and now you have no excuse not to get yours.

What will your partner be this course 2023-24?

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