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by Ana Ferrón on Jun 16, 2023

Empieza tu cuaderno de viaje

What is a notebook or travel journal?

A travel notebook or also known as a travel journal is a compilation of memories, moments and adventures from those trips that we want to last beyond our memory .

They are all those experiences that you want to treasure and remember forever.

Although, really, it is not necessary to take a super trip and cross the whole sea, it is enough to go for a weekend or even a day to an excursion or a new place to create precious memories.

travel journal

In the travel journal we can experiment and enjoy journaling writing, the creativity of an art journal and take advantage of the visuals of a photo album. We could say that it is a perfect synergy between these 3 branches.

How to make a traveler's notebook?

Let us tell you that you do not have to be an art expert, a writer, much less know how to draw. The only thing you have to take into account are the small details, sensations along the way and the magic will happen.


Have 0 expectations and enjoy experimenting, there are no set rules or patterns. A travel notebook should be a reference for you and you should be the one who adapts the journal to your trip or experience. It is worth using from photographs to napkins from a very cute cafe that you have discovered in a new city.

There are people who will enjoy writing and relating their thoughts more, but there will be people who prefer to summarize and get all their creativity out with images and materials that they collect.

material traveling

Materials for your travel notebook

You only need a notebook and a pen, everything else is optional and very broad in its magnitude.

But here, we would like to highlight the quintessential travel notebook . And it's none other than Traveler's Company Notebook Traveler's .

Curious fact * Initially it was the mother brand, Midori, who launched the first models of travel notebooks. Specializing and realizing all the potential they had, they decided to launch a sub-brand; Traveler's Company, the one that would be the queen of everything you need for your travel diary and being a reference throughout the world as the notebook of travelers and adventurers.

The most remarkable thing about Traveler's Notebooks is the versatility, comfort and lightness that allows you to take it with you without being a burden.

Since, these are refills where you can fully insert and personality your notebook and once your trip and the refill are over, you can replace it with a new one and you would be ready for a new adventure.

If you are one of the people who is passionate about drawing, you have the sketch paper refill. But if, for example, you are more of colors and you dare with watercolors, they also have a refill of watercolor paper , very fine but resistant to make your creations with peace of mind.

spare parts travelers

As for writing and decoration , it is a personal choice. You can use stamps, city maps, tickets, washi-tapes , thematic stickers and with a pen or pen that you enjoy writing with it will be more than enough to fill your travel notebook with adventures.

What to write in a notebook or travel journal?

As we have already mentioned, this will basically depend on your plan and style . If you are a person who writes and writes, you will surely enjoy relating the experiences, sensations and everything that is happening on your trip.

If, on the contrary, you like everything dynamic and artistic, you can create an art journal of your trip and reflect the moments with memories such as: plane tickets, maps, stamps...

Or there is also the option, that if you search through social networks it is what you can find and inspire you the most and it is a synergy between the two.

Write next to images and small compilations that can reflect more clearly and in detail the experience of the moment.

Feel free to write what you feel comfortable with ; weather, thoughts, sensations, describe places or simply make a route of your trip.

Tips for creating and enjoying your travel notebook

  • Be constant. This is basically the key to getting into the routine and getting really valuable travel notebooks. As little as it is, it will always be better than not capturing more, besides that once you start, you will surely end up lengthening and let yourself be carried away by creativity and thoughts.

  • Always carry a notebook with you . Carry a notebook in your backpack, bag or whatever you feel comfortable with, but be aware that you have what you need and you are always ready to get down to work.

And it is that, this is closely related to the previous point, we must do to have a habit to enjoy it and be aware of this new hobby.

  • Use materials that you enjoy every time you use it and bring you happiness. But don't load yourself and make your case as practical and accessible as possible.

  • Do not judge yourself , do not overthink and above all, do not have unreal or virtual expectations because of everything you can see on social networks.

  • Stay inspired , explore, look and collect inspiration in other people's travel journal accounts, that will give you ideas and aspirational motivation to be constant with your notebook.

Tell us, have you dared to create your travel notebook yet? Or are you waiting for the perfect moment?

For our part, we can only encourage you and tell you that if you have come this far it is for a reason...

It's your cue to start collecting moments in a travel journal.

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